Injection molding machine temperature is too high causes and treatment

Injection molding machine temperature is too high causes and treatment

【Date】:2014-02-03 【Hit】:4668
( 1 ) Fuel tank capacity is too small, not enough cooling area , cooling device , but its capacity is too small.

( 2 ) Press the fast forward speed selection quantitative pump oil pump capacity of the system , most of the excess will flow under high pressure and heat from the relief valve overflow back at work .

( 3 ) the system fails or unloading circuit due to unloading circuit is not set , the pump does not stop working when unloading the entire pump flow at high pressure overflow , resulting in flooding and heat loss , resulting in temperature rise.

( 4 ) the system piping too small for too long, curved too much, most of the pressure loss and pressure loss along the way .

( 5 ) lack of precision components and poor assembly quality , mechanical friction loss relative motion between .

With the gap ( 6 ) with the pieces too small , or the wear and tear resulting in the gap is too large, internal and external leakage volume , resulting in a large volume loss , such as reducing the volumetric efficiency of the pump , the temperature rise quickly.

( 7 ) Hydraulic system working pressure adjustment is much higher than the actual need . Sometimes due to sealed tight , or because of damage to the seals, leakage increases have increased pressure to work.

( 8 ) climate and operating environment temperature is high , resulting in temperature rise .

( 9 ) Select improper viscosity oil , the viscosity viscous resistance , viscosity increases too small leak , two cases can cause fever temperature .

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